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We welcome new contributors to the China Focus community and encourage those who wish to gain valuable experiences in professional writing.  We strive to provide insightful understanding and impartial analysis.  As such, our contributors are held to the highest standards of quality and integrity.  The opinions expressed are the writers’ alone and do not represent the view of China Focus as a whole.

If you would like to become a contributor to China Focus, please send us an email to: irpschinafocus@gmail.com . In the email, please provide a bio, a picture of yourself, and a brief proposal of your contribution (no more than 100 words.)  You may write about any aspect of China or US-China relations; contributions on Chinese politics, economics, history and culture are especially welcome.  We encourage Chinese-language contributions; if you write in Chinese, please provide an English translation.

中國焦點 文章 方針



If your organization has any interest in collaboration with China Focus, please contact our External Director at irpschinafocus@gmail.com .

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